Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cataract ever cancerous?

No. A cataract is not a growth or tumor. It is never cancerous. It is simply a cloudy lens.

Can the cataract come back?

No. The actual cloudy lens is removed and cannot grow back.  However, the back covering of the lens is left in place and in some cases may turn cloudy. If this occurs, it can be treated using the laser.

Can my cataract be removed using a laser?

No. Only a cloudy capsule (sometimes called a “secondary cataract” or “after cataract”) that occasionally forms after cataract surgery can be removed using a laser.

Can I be too old for cataract surgery?

No. Patients over 100 years of age have successfully had a cataract surgery. If you are in relatively good health, there is no reason to live with poor vision caused by cataracts.

Do I need to wait until I cannot read, drive or enjoy my hobbies before I have the cataract removed?

No. A cataract can be removed at any stage of its development. Surgery is advised when the cataract begins to interfere with your normal activities.

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